Private event (Baby shower for Kirsty Wolff)

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Baby shower on 6/26/2020(Sunday)

  • Includes 3 hours from 10am-1pm
  • restroom
  • use of a refrigerator 
  • electric if needed 
  • 6ft table
  • 1 9oz candle for guest of honor from our boutique 
  • seating for 28
  • beautiful venue for memories to be made



  • Decorating May begin 15 min prior to event 
  • Clean up will be allowed only 15 min post event time 
  • All guest must leave the facility no later than 1:15pm 
  • host must bring a large black trash bag for all trash ( we will take trash to dump after)
  • no sink for cleaning therefore host must bring all dishes/glass ware etc. home to clean
  • No guest will be allowed past curtains at any time 
  • If any items in boutique or studio are broken due to carelessness of guests or host, host will be responsible for payment of items 
  • By submitting payment host is agreeing to these guidelines, host is responsible for all guests at event and understands that no refunds will be given 60 days prior to event 

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